Ugly Freight

Unique Freight in Grand Rapids

Whether your freight is too big, too small, too heavy or too light, too dangerous or just plain awkward, it’s unique. It’s what drives your business It might not fit in a pallet space or in a box but it’s just as important as the standard box and pallet freight.   

Often times carriers avoid your unique freight because it does require special attention. Too small and it may require “inefficient” handling. Too large and it may need special equipment to handle the weight. Too big and it won’t fit nicely with other freight and transport assets. Does the phrase, “If it fits it ships” ring a bell?

Sometimes it doesn’t fit but it still needs to ship. Whether you’re shipping fragile computer or IT equipment, uncrated machinery or hazardous chemicals, it has to go where it’s needed. Most shippers choose not to deal in your unique shipping requirements because it’s not “easy.” Most things worth doing aren’t easy.

Fortunately for you Zip Xpress appreciates your unique freight Grand Rapids. Zip Xpress Inc. has a unique and user friendly business model that makes the tired old excuse of “inefficient” outdated. Zip Xpress has more options compared to the hub and spoke, break-bulk model which allows us to handle your unique freight more efficiently, reducing handling by 75%.   

But how do you know Zip Xpress can handle your unique freight? It’s a valid concern and one they welcome. Your freight is valuable above and beyond its dollar value. It’s your company’s reputation. It’s the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding expectations. Zip Xpress has the credibility and capability to help.

How do they know? Don’t take their word for it. Zip Xpress’ track record speaks for itself. They don’t have satisfied customers. They have raving fans. Customers used to look for the cheapest price per route but now they look for strategic alliances.

Let our alliance help you create raving fans. Zip Xpress helps businesses all over the Greater Grand Rapids area get their unique freight where it needs to go when it needs to be there.