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Everyone Wants to Work in Logistics, But Not in Trucking

With a strong economy driving a manufacturing boom across the nation, logistics and supply chain jobs are flourishing. New workers are entering the field all over the country as the needs for jobs such as logistics analysts, supply chain managers, and even sales reps continue to increase. As such, people are eager to take on these new roles in the expanding industry. However, we aren’t seeing as many people interested in taking on the most important job in the supply chain – trucking. This is a trend that must change if logistics companies want to maintain this growing level of success.

Truck drivers are the reason that the supply chain works – they are the final piece of a long, complex puzzle that allows us to receive our goods all over the country. Without them, survival would be a lot more challenging, if not far more inconvenient, as we would not be able to easily access food, clothing, and other vital products. We need truck drivers now more than ever in order to make deliveries to our urban centers and our smaller, remote towns. They are truly road warriors who are willing to do a job that not many others are.

Logistics and shipping organizations need to place a strong focus on recruiting truck drivers and allowing them to grow in their careers. These are some of the hardest working individuals in the workforce, and they deserve any accolades that we can give them. Despite the difficulties of the job, it can be a highly rewarding experience that perfectly suits individualists who enjoy the freedom of the open road. As a country, we often overlook these workers who make it possible for us to purchase our goods in a quick and easy manner. We need more drivers in the workforce, and that starts with showing our appreciation for their unwavering dedication to the job.

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