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The Importance of People in the Supply Chain

As technology continues to progress at record paces, people are beginning to worry about their own place in the workforce. Robots have taken over certain manufacturing jobs and computers are beginning to take over in the service industries. Those who work in logistics have expressed concern about technologies such as self-driving trucks and rideshare programs. These are valid concerns, but the truth is that people are always going to have a place in the supply chain and are vital in developing and maintaining relationships.

Logistics is an industry that has always adapted to change, and newer technologies will never change that. In fact, there will be even more opportunities for humans in logistics as we begin to harness the power of these technologies. Someone will have to maintain the newer, more advanced trucks, and people are always going to have to interact with the customer. No matter how far artificial intelligence comes, it will never replace the value that an experienced professional person brings to the table. Vendors, suppliers, and customers all value the relationships that they have with each other, and robots are not going to change that. At Zip Xpress, we understand that these technologies are designed to assist on the delivery end, and that nothing can replace the keen eye of a well put together dispatch board. Everyone in the company knows about every shipment, and every single person can provide a customer with a quote.

Instead of worrying that computers are going to take over our positions, we should ask ourselves what we can do to maximize our presence in the supply chain. Technology should be seen as a tool to help us become more efficient, not as a threat to our livelihood. If we can use technology to improve our personal relationships with our customers, then we are taking a step in the right direction. Logistics professionals should not make the mistake of letting computers take over for them, instead they should be using these technologies as supplemental devices that are simply there to let humans focus on our most important tasks and ideas, like figuring out how to make an impossible shipment happen for a customer. To connect with one of our human experts, get started with Zip Xpress today!