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How We Build Custom Carrier Solutions

At month’s end within Zip Xpress, it’s a hive of activity. We know the days will be long, fulfilling orders that come flying in. We order pizza, our sales staff brings in sweet treats and there are bowls of gummy bears everywhere. We dig in, prepare for our month-end shipments, and most don’t leave until it’s done.

Across Zip Xpress, every employee knows about every shipment. We’re always solving problems, asking questions out loud of what we do with shipments that require our special attention. Anyone who has an idea can chime in, which helps us come up with the most innovative solutions. As we deliberate, everyone passes by our new customer board, which lists in big bold letters who our newest customers are.

Everyone at Zip is trained on how to give a basic quote. It’s not uncommon to see someone running from one computer to another to fill out a quote because our goal is to get a customer a quote within five minutes of receiving an inquiry. We want you to be able to make a decision as quickly as possible, and respect your time in the process.

We build our shipments by stacking our slips in order of delivery, which is shuffled multiple times right up until the shipment leaves our dock. When building each shipment, we have to consider the route and the order the products are placed within the trailers. Our warehouse experts work diligently to secure each customer’s product, doing their best to ensure nothing will move during transit.

Everyone at Zip is ready to answer the phone. Every call comes in, and the first person who’s available answers the call. That’s why whenever you call Zip Xpress, you’ll talk to a human being and you’ll never have to wait on hold listening to a machine.

At Zip Xpress, every part of our system is built to serve the customer. We work to solve problems, and include everyone in the company because collaboration creates great ideas. Everyone in our company is here to serve, so if you’d like to see us in action, feel free to schedule a tour or better yet, start today with Zip Xpress and see for yourself!