Thanks for riding shotgun, Zip Partners and Friends

While 2016 Was a Mixed Bag of Business, We’re Really Glad You Were Riding Shotgun

The transportation industry sure isn’t a place for the timid, is it?

Conducting business can take a steely resolve, 24/7, and 2016 sure proved that point once again.

We saw and read about and directly experienced all sorts of mixed signals about our industry in particular, and the economy in general.

In transport, we heard about aging drivers and fleets, impending ELD and reefer rules, capacity concerns in the near future and beyond.

In the larger economy, we heard about sustained, month-over-month job growth generally yet a surprisingly soft final quarter in 2016.

Yes, there were lots of mixed signals for us to ponder and to strategize over.

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You Can Have Your 3PL and Good Service, Too

For Companies Opting for a Broker, Zip Xpress Has a Solution

We have seen the best and worst of it when it comes to brokered shipping relationships.

In recent years, lots of companies out there have stopped trying to be their own shippers and have turned over the entire process to a Third Party Logistics provider.

All fine and dandy when it works well.

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What We’re Thankful For?

Being a Part of Your Life and Commerce of the Nation

We’re “all-business, 24/7”  here at Zip Xpress, and the following is a very important item of business that we need to pass along:

We are thankful and grateful for you.

Every day.

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Can Asset Based Carriers and Owner Operators Survive 3PL/Broker Pricing?

Current Logistics Model is the Opposite of Sustainable

The unprecedented growth of third party logistics and broker entities began in 2001, shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Coincidentally, that fateful autumn was precisely when Zip Xpress opened its doors for business.

Bad timing, maybe, but who can predict these tragedies; it had seemed like a good time to launch, with the economy in fairly decent shape, but we all took a hit when the Twin Towers fell. Soon, our economy started to slow and eventually fell into a full blown recession. As the downturn widened, manufacturers were saddled with lower prices in order to remain competitive, and the entire supply chain soon felt the sea change.

Carriers and all the associated support system of service business suffered in the chain reaction of recession. Jobs were cut everywhere in transportation; others were combined and folded into related duties for cost savings. Everyone was trying to make up for rising competition costs and for falling prices on virtually all goods.

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Big Or Small We Got Your Back

Unlike the Biggies and Mystery Carriers Off the Internet, Zip Actually Cares About Its Now-And-Then Customers

Needing a partial load or a jam-packed trailer full from your business may only happen now and then. Maybe only monthly or twice a month. Maybe only quarterly.

Lots of businesses fall into that category. Good businesses. Small to medium size.

The Infrequent Shipper, the Low Volume Shipper. Whatever it’s variously called in the transportation industry, it often means the business it’s referring to is at the mercy of trucking firms that barely want to serve them.

Too much hassle, many companies say.

Not enough regular cash flow … so let’s not bother with them, they say.

But you know what Zip Xpress says to that?

Bring it on!

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He Took the Time to Talk Timeliness

A Florida-based Raving Fan Paid a Visit to Praise Zip Xpress for their Service.

So … is Michael from Common Sense Office Furniture a Raving Fan, or what?

He was willing to fly all the way from Orlando for us.


All of us who work at Zip Xpress know pretty well that we can do a good job for our customers. But it certainly is gratifying to hear from them in the form of praise and thanks for a job well-done.

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Making the Best of the 3PL World

Lots of Third-Party Brokering is Inadequate, so Zip Xpress is Positively Partnering

All 3PLs are not created equal; that’s for sure.

Some serve their client companies quite well and work effectively with the carriers they hire to move product. Others? Not so much.

Less than professional practices from the middle ground of brokering can suck the best intentions right out of a shipper/3PL/carrier connection, and recent research on the subject backs that up: Read This

Only two to three years! That is the pitifully short life span of a shipper/logistics provider relationship. Of course, if those two parties are jumping ship that often, it’s bound to have a long-term, negative impact on building business relationships of trust, longevity, and shared visions of customer service.

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Jim….What? You Had a Problem With Us?

It Was Video-Shooting Day at StudioCraft, and the CEO Was Saying What?

  1. We were a little worried there for a minute.

What was Jim Peterson talking about now?

A problem with Zip Xpress?

We were here to shoot a “Raving Fan” video about a customer who liked us a lot and was willing to share the good feelings with others about the high quality and high efficiency of shipping with Zip Xpress.

And Jim Peterson, CEO of his company, StudioCraft, is starting to talk about a problem he’s had with us? Jim … what’s this?

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Trust, Track Record of Service, Personal Touch Always

To Build Business Friendships, Everything Matters … Every Single Time

‘All I have to do is pick up the phone, call them, and I’m taken care of on the spot’

Kelly Cutler-Shafer, Transportation Manager for Charter House Innovations – on working with Zip Xpress

Yes, facing the bright lights and a video crew made Kelly a little nervous. Actually, a lot nervous, she said.

When your daily work life revolves around your company trucks, the back-end docks, and all your drivers and loaders, well, being the star of a video shoot is a pretty weird way to start the day.

But thank you, Kelly Cutler-Shafer, for playing nice and letting us do a video of your company’s satisfaction with our shipping services.

Actually, you were awesome on camera, Kelly, and this linked Raving Fan spot proves it!

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Sustainability: Not Just a Goal but a Way of Doing Business

What makes a business a true industry leader?

In the area of sustainability, many people are doing great things to enhance the way that we, as individuals and corporations, interact with our environment. In recent decades, we have been blessed with incredible growth in technology. We have also been “cursed” a little by that growth. Now we have a huge responsibility … to conduct our business sustainably.

Unfortunately, we are missing the mark on living up to that responsibility.

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