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Making the Best of the 3PL World

Lots of Third-Party Brokering is Inadequate, so Zip Xpress is Positively Partnering

All 3PLs are not created equal; that’s for sure.

Some serve their client companies quite well and work effectively with the carriers they hire to move product. Others? Not so much.

Less than professional practices from the middle ground of brokering can suck the best intentions right out of a shipper/3PL/carrier connection, and recent research on the subject backs that up: Read This

Only two to three years! That is the pitifully short life span of a shipper/logistics provider relationship. Of course, if those two parties are jumping ship that often, it’s bound to have a long-term, negative impact on building business relationships of trust, longevity, and shared visions of customer service.

 Put Quality Back in the Equation

Zip Xpress sees it happening everywhere: the frustrating supply-chain disconnect that companies experience so often with 3PLs and the parade of “mystery carriers” hired sight-unseen to move their product.

  • Damage claims rise from the cheapest-bid carriers
  • Product is wrongly routed or lost somewhere down the line
  • Timeliness promises are broken – and broken again

At Zip Xpress, we’re addressing these issues while living in the real world where 3PLs have become a key link in the supply chain.

We’re partnering with select 3PLs to help them improve their reputation by offering our high-quality, high-optimization, white-glove services to their shipper clients.

For companies that have decided they must outsource their shipping to a third party, I believe that having Zip Xpress as the chosen 3PL carrier is very reassuring that the delivery will be done right.

Our special-handling “attitude of excellence” precedes us, and when we partner with a logistics provider, we do it with pride. In fact, we urge the 3PL to talk with their client about the advantages of Zip being in the mix.

That’s where we want to see the 3PL world headed … in the direction of higher quality, and of promises made and kept.

If you already are working with a third party who’s arranging your shipping, please hold their feet to the fire about their “mystery carriers” – and then ask them about partnering with Zip.

You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and don’t forget to download our recent case study

A Leading 3PL Provider Makes Move to Zip Xpress for a Fortune 500 Client. Download Here