supply chain risk

Risk Management in Logistics

Logistics is an industry that requires strong risk management. There is a lot of uncertainty in logistics, particularly with timely deliveries, so it’s vital for companies to plan ahead to reduce the risk of failure. With capacity becoming tighter in the current market and only getting worse in upcoming quarters, there are many things that shippers can do to develop their risk management strategies. Our goal is to bring you superior planning skills and attention to detail when it comes to managing the risk of your product.

Managing costs is a major pain point for shippers and customers as truckload rates experience high levels of volatility in today’s market. Zip Xpress tries to alleviate the burden of these increasing costs by offering a variety of headload solutions including expedites high value or sensitive handling and crew waiting shipment. What these mean that the customer only pays for the space they need. It’s important to save as much money as possible when shipping partial loads, and the headload solution is a great way to allocate the correct funds while benefiting from fast, reliable service.

With minimal handling throughout the shipping process, Zip Xpress reduces a customer’s risk of lost or damaged freight. They provide direct, door-to-door deliveries on air-ride trailers, so customers can be assured that their shipment is in good hands. Instead of being shuffled through countless terminals,

The experienced professionals at Zip Xpress are detail-oriented, making sure to pay attention to every line of the BOL and confirm that all of the information is verified. Seemingly inconsequential inaccuracies can cause major disruptions in your service to the customer, and Zip makes every effort to eradicate these errors before they even happen. This dedication to risk management and efficient shipping processes is what makes Zip Xpress such a respected organization in the transportation world. To learn more about how Zip can manage your supply chain’s risk, get started with Zip Xpress today!