Warehouse Manager

Improving Customer Service in the Logistics World

The logistics and transportation industry in the US is enormous. It’s so large that it totaled $1.48 trillion in 2015, accounting for 8 percent of the GDP for the United States. As the economy continues to grow, this number will only grow. What that means is that there will be more startups, an increased workforce, and ultimately more problems to solve. These inevitable problems, both from external and internal factors, are what make exceptional customer service so important.

Anybody who has worked in logistics knows that anything can go wrong at any time. They know that the only way to plan for the movement of goods is to be as well-prepared as possible for these mishaps. Still, even the best planners experience unwanted setbacks on a regular basis. This is why it’s so important for logistics companies to employ quick-thinking problem solvers who understand the needs of their customers. Many shippers get frustrated at the lack of communication between their brokers, carriers, and vendors. This is often due to a lack of proper training in the customer service realm, and it is something that more companies need to take seriously if they want to continue to grow.

The ability to build creative partnerships between levels involved in the supply chain is a key distinction that sets the elite companies apart from the average carriers. At Zip Xpress, we believe that these partnerships form the backbone of our organization and contribute to our ability to maintain excellent service ratings and high levels of customer satisfaction. When we work together with our partners to solve unique and significant problems every day, we are creating a cohesive environment where everybody continues to learn and experience mutual respect. This focus on teamwork and constant innovation is what makes Zip Xpress the best and most admired problem solver in the West Michigan LTL freight market.