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Zip Xpress: A Custom Carrier for Every Circumstance

The month of April has seen spot rates continue to climb for the transportation industry, and this trend isn’t slowing down. With a new trade war being fought and economic uncertainty looming across many industries, capacity has tightened accordingly. Manufacturers are constantly battling each other to secure the trucks they need to move their freight, and they are rightfully worried about the current trends. Some industries, in particular the furniture industry, have been handcuffed by new tariffs and rising material costs, making the trucking trends an even harder pill to swallow. Fortunately, Zip Xpress is here to help.

Zip Xpress provides comprehensive supply chain solutions to help their customers overcome any challenges that may arise during transport of their product. With an experienced customer service team dedicated to providing accurate updates and solving problems with full transparency, Zip Xpress can eliminate many of the worries that are currently plaguing customers of the transportation industry. Whether a customer needs assistance with warehousing operations or last-minute capacity for a critical shipment, the experts at Zip have the ability to take over and relieve some of the burden in these stressful times.

Zip Xpress believes in quality service as well as adapting to industry trends in order to maintain their reputation as a high-end carrier in Western Michigan. One of the industries that Zip specializes is office furniture, and they have proven to be reliable during these difficult times for furniture manufacturers. They are aware of the price increases in everything from raw materials and chemicals to spot rates and storage costs. They are committed to providing their customers with affordable and dependable logistics solutions to offset some of the losses experienced with the new economic turbulence. If you are a manufacturer and you are suffering from reduced capacity and skyrocketing rates, get started with Zip Xpress today!