West MI CDL School

The Rising Importance of CDL Training

Many colleges offer programs in logistics and supply chain management. As the industry continues to grow, we will continue to see more universities creating and improving their supply chain programs. However, one thing lacking from these programs is training for Commercial Driver’s Licenses or CDL. With more jobs in the business end of the supply chain, we cannot afford to lose the influx of truck drivers in the economy. There is already a shortage in the industry, and the efficiency of a supply chain system or logistics operation will not succeed without plenty of drivers. These workers serve as the backbone of the industry, providing the service of physically delivering the freight after it has been routed and agreed upon.

In order to drive a semi-truck, one must first obtain their CDL. Many companies offer the training, and third parties can be utilized as well. However, with so many universities offering degrees in Supply Chain Management, it may be beneficial for them to also offer training for the CDL. In this regard, it may be smart for other states to take after Georgia’s High Demand Career Initiative, which allows residents of the state to take CDL courses at local colleges free of charge. This may be the extra push that many people need in order to pursue their career as a truck driver.

A CDL is not the right path for everyone but encouraging an increase in the amount of truck drivers will benefit the economy as a whole. Demand for products continues to rise and with that demand the country needs more hard workers to transport our goods. Not only will an influx of truck drivers alleviate capacity issues, it may also improve pricing and reliability across the industry as a whole. As supply chain solutions and logistics technology becomes more efficient, we need truck drivers to deliver on the final step of our transportation processes. To learn more about smarter shipping, get started with Zip Xpress today!