Coordinating Freight Delivery

Coordinating Delivery with New Businesses

In Part 4 of our New Business Series, we discuss the importance of coordinating delivery for your business. You want your business to be reliable, a company that your customers can trust. We help make that happen by working with you and your customer, making the delivery of your Unique Freight as seamless as possible. 

Those who have worked in the shipping industry for any significant amount of time know that it is far more complicated and involved than the average person may think. However, when it comes to customers, their opinion of a logistics provider basically boils down to one question: Do they pick up and deliver on time? No matter what happens throughout the life of the shipment, carriers are evaluated by their on-time delivery rates. One often-overlooked area of this is the coordination of pickups and deliveries.

In some cases, a carrier can receive an order and simply pick up and deliver at any time they see fit. These 24/7, first come first serve facilities are nice and simple to worth with, but the reality is that they are rare. In general, carriers need to either set their appointments or abide by those set by the customer. In the case that the customer sets the appointments, the carrier should perform their due diligence in confirming the dates and times with the warehouses and checking to see if there are any specific pickup or delivery instructions. Just like in any industry, being prepared ahead of time can help alleviate any problems that may occur down the line.

Zip Xpress does everything they can to cover all the bases on every shipment, from coordinating delivery to building trust by making every interaction professional and friendly. Any time there are special requirements such as needing to arrange for a loading or unloading crew, the professionals at Zip make it a priority to represent your business well as a touch point for your customers. This attention to detail and emphasis on caring about the customer’s problems is what sets Zip apart. Anybody can pick up a shipment, but it takes a quality team of experts to prioritize customer service in the way that Zip Xpress does. To coordinate a delivery for your shipment, please get started with Zip Xpress today!

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