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I Just Got a Huge Order, Now What Do I Do?

This is Part 1 of a series which we’re dedicating to growing businesses who need help in setting up their supply chain. Other companies expect you to figure this out on your own, but Zip is dedicated to bringing you the best customer service the logistics world can offer.

In the world of transportation, it can be difficult to handle large, unexpected orders. This is especially true if the freight is specialized or fragile. Shippers must determine what the most effective route to take is when it comes to their supply chain. Packaging for specialized orders can be expensive, but if they skimp on costs there, they may end up with damage claims that will cost them more in the long run. Fortunately, Zip Xpress is striving to do everything it can to take some of the pressure off of new businesses who want to streamline their supply chain processes.

The packaging concern is one that must be evaluated by each and every customer. It is beneficial to do a cost analysis to see if the prevented damage is worth the increased cost in packaging. In some cases, a shipper may decide that the small amount of damage they incur will actually be cheaper than putting expensive packaging on every shipment. Zip’s door-to-door delivery model helps to reduce the likelihood of damage thanks to the fact that they don’t handle the freight through break bulks. The reduced amount of handling and transferring of freight allows Zip to keep their customer’s freight intact from beginning to end. Still, it is important for customers to determine the proper dimensions and weight of their shipments in order to give an accurate representation to the carrier. This helps Zip to better plan, prepare, and execute their shipments in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Once Zip has this information, they make it a priority to coordinate the shipping and receiving schedules based on their customer’s needs. A customer can help move this process along by having all the pertinent information available when they send an order Zip’s way. The professionals at Zip will start the planning process and do everything they can to route the freight quickly and correctly.  Whether the shipment is a single pallet or an entire truckload, effective and proactive communication is vital to forming a working and successful relationship between the carrier and the customer. To learn more about what solutions we can provide your business, get started with Zip Xpress today!

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