Big Or Small We Got Your Back

Unlike the Biggies and Mystery Carriers Off the Internet, Zip Actually Cares About Its Now-And-Then Customers

Needing a partial load or a jam-packed trailer full from your business may only happen now and then. Maybe only monthly or twice a month. Maybe only quarterly.

Lots of businesses fall into that category. Good businesses. Small to medium size.

The Infrequent Shipper, the Low Volume Shipper. Whatever it’s variously called in the transportation industry, it often means the business it’s referring to is at the mercy of trucking firms that barely want to serve them.

Too much hassle, many companies say.

Not enough regular cash flow … so let’s not bother with them, they say.

But you know what Zip Xpress says to that?

Bring it on!

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He Took the Time to Talk Timeliness

A Florida-based Raving Fan Paid a Visit to Praise Zip Xpress for their Service.

So … is Michael from Common Sense Office Furniture a Raving Fan, or what?

He was willing to fly all the way from Orlando for us.


All of us who work at Zip Xpress know pretty well that we can do a good job for our customers. But it certainly is gratifying to hear from them in the form of praise and thanks for a job well-done.

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Salute to Veterans

On This Veterans Day, Make No Mistake: Our Service Men and Women Truly Matter

Veterans. What an interesting, mixed bag of people we are.

That’s “we” because I’m one, too. I was in the Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine, right?

On this Veterans Day, in this message to all my fellow men and women in uniform and formerly in uniform, let me just say this: I salute you.

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Case Study’s a Real Eye-Opener

More Efficiency, Ethical Behavior Needed in the Supply Chain

On the subject of shipping with an eye toward efficiency and long-term costs, here’s a business world “case study” that’s a real eye-opener.

A while back now, the asset-based carrier Zip Xpress Inc. – that’s us – had just opened all of Florida as a new service point. We were more than eager for lots of freight to fill our new schedules to the Sunshine State.

The case in point: A Florida-bound truckload weighing in at 4,000 pounds was posted on the DAT – the Internet “load board” where brokers can make posts for carriers to bid on business. Great. Zip’s quick bid on the job was the lowest, so we secured this “Truck Load” for our new service point. We were looking forward to rolling south with a snugly packed trailer of product.

Or not.

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Making the Best of the 3PL World

Lots of Third-Party Brokering is Inadequate, so Zip Xpress is Positively Partnering

All 3PLs are not created equal; that’s for sure.

Some serve their client companies quite well and work effectively with the carriers they hire to move product. Others? Not so much.

Less than professional practices from the middle ground of brokering can suck the best intentions right out of a shipper/3PL/carrier connection, and recent research on the subject backs that up: Read This

Only two to three years! That is the pitifully short life span of a shipper/logistics provider relationship. Of course, if those two parties are jumping ship that often, it’s bound to have a long-term, negative impact on building business relationships of trust, longevity, and shared visions of customer service.

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Will You Be Our Sales Leader for the Road Ahead?

Newly Created Director of Sales/Marketing for Asset-Based Carrier Zip Xpress

Are you looking for a great opportunity for growth, and for contributing to a strong company culture? Then you should join our team – our Zip Xpress family – of dedicated sales professionals and support staff.

You can Apply Here

Zip Xpress Inc. is seeking to fill a newly created leadership position within the company. Do you have the industry experience and personal motivation to face the challenges of management in the supply-chain marketplace?

We are a high-quality carrier with a longtime presence on the Midwest business scene. Offering a full range of product-transportation services, from LTL to Full-Truckload and Dedicated Long Haul needs, Zip Xpress has grown consistently over the years and now has created a key leadership position in sales and marketing.

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Dear CEO: Shipping Matters.…a Lot

A Case for the Front Office Getting a Crash Course in Shipping

Most company leaders and top managers are incredibly busy people, so they strive to delegate the details whenever they can.

That’s logical enough, but here’s a key concern about delegating responsibility before truly comprehending the details: A lack of thoroughly understanding the issues can cost you dearly down the road.

Shipping, of course, is what I’m getting at here.

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Sustainability is Everybody’s Business

Efficient, Effective, and Energy-Smart is Our Only Future

If you’ve been around the long-haul and regional carrier business for a while, you know that “steady as you go” just doesn’t cut it.

You know that change and growth are inevitable in this industry.

The only “survival mode,” in fact, is change and growth.

Want proof? A couple of big examples of that continuous challenge are staring all of us in the face:

  • Sweeping new rules in refrigerated products transport and handling
  • Electronic Log Device requirements for every carrier, large and small

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Jim….What? You Had a Problem With Us?

It Was Video-Shooting Day at StudioCraft, and the CEO Was Saying What?

  1. We were a little worried there for a minute.

What was Jim Peterson talking about now?

A problem with Zip Xpress?

We were here to shoot a “Raving Fan” video about a customer who liked us a lot and was willing to share the good feelings with others about the high quality and high efficiency of shipping with Zip Xpress.

And Jim Peterson, CEO of his company, StudioCraft, is starting to talk about a problem he’s had with us? Jim … what’s this?

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Dear Shippers: It’s Not Your Fault (Well, Maybe a Little Bit)

Industry-wide Loading Inefficiencies Hurt Everyone; They Even Disrespect Our Drivers

Question: What do these industry players all have in common?

  • The manufacturer that simply wants its product out the door and on its way, delivered on time and damage-free
  • The shipping department manager whose sole focus is the cheapest carrier today, right now, on this immediate delivery
  • The third-party logistics rep whose single-minded measure of success is moving the product down the road on the shipper’s timeline

Answer: With their narrowly focused, niche perspectives on the supply-chain process, they’re all part of a big problem.

They’re all contributing to huge inefficiencies that are costing “us” dearly … all of “us” in a North American economy that lives and dies by the truck.

We can do better.

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