Response to Recent Crain’s Article on ‘Driver Shortages’

Nice Try on Driver Shortages, But You Were Way Short of the Whole Story

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In order to serve the customer with efficient, fully optimized loading…it takes a spotless and well-organized facility. Chaotic, dingy, outdated shipping departments are way too common in our business. This is a photo of the ZipXpress facility in Holland, Michigan.

Shame on All of Us for Our Thoughtless, Inefficient Shipping Habits, Load After Load, Year After Year

Many thanks, Crain’s Guest Blogger Lisa Katz, for your thoughtful take on the very real challenges of making a top-dollar living as a driver. Earning those higher annual incomes in the business often means a serious commitment to time on the road. It’s no easy life, that’s for sure.

No thanks, however, Ms. Katz, for ignoring the elephant in the room when it comes to driver shortages. Even when drivers’ annual compensation ranges from good to great, the North American trucking industry will continue to experience shortages.

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Respect That Road Pilot, Please

‘Remember When We Honored Driving as a Worthy Public Service, Like Policing and Firefighting?’

Around Labor Day, the time of year when Americans honor the workforce in all its job types and places of employment, I challenge you to think about the men and women who help make our economy’s supply chain a reality.

It’s a fact … Drivers are a true driving force of our economy.

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Sustainability: Not Just a Goal but a Way of Doing Business

What makes a business a true industry leader?

In the area of sustainability, many people are doing great things to enhance the way that we, as individuals and corporations, interact with our environment. In recent decades, we have been blessed with incredible growth in technology. We have also been “cursed” a little by that growth. Now we have a huge responsibility … to conduct our business sustainably.

Unfortunately, we are missing the mark on living up to that responsibility.

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